We met within the walls of Donovan Hall at the University of Kentucky and for the next four years, we studied communications and sociology respectively, and basketball and fun times in the Big Blue House collectively! After college, we both relocated to our roots in Columbus, Ohio and pursued careers in our chosen fields but shortly thereafter, we found ourselves restless. During a remote vacation on Lake Temagami in Northern Canada, we decided there is no better time than the present to take a chance and collaborate with a business that would satisfy our creative juices and independent spirits! Therein lies the birth of donovandesigns… named for the dormitory in which we met and the creativity and independence that we wanted to express!


In 1998, we started off in Sarah’s basement, creating our products after our day jobs and showing our products in the homes of family and friends. After six years of juggling two jobs and after many successful home shows, we decided to leave our day jobs and begin what would be soon become the day and night job of small business ownership! In 2004, we packed our products and headed to NYC Stationery Show which fueled the momentum that had been building for the prior six years! The show was a great success causing us to grow out of the basement location into a large apartment and finally in 2005, into our warehouse where we are probably working as you are reading our story!


Our product is a reflection of our personal styles that initially drew us together in Donovan Hall… simple, classic and fun-loving as represented in our colorful product! In addition to our quality stationery backed by fast and friendly customer service, we pride ourselves in developing products that carries a piece of us all the while speaks to a piece of you!

Sarah & Katie


Donovan Designs